That's amazing. Good find.
The picture converter thing is a nice bonus also.
Now I can see in minute detail how much my medic farming knacked up my stats.
Blissnabob from UKCS Forums

The stats parser needs developers!

Do you know C#? Do you want to help keeping the stats parser up to date? My spare time is limited, which has made me marginalize the stats parser for the last year. I simply cannot keep ut with Valve's constant stream of updates, and I am therefore forced to ask you to help me. If you are interested, please use the contact form to contact me.


The application can be downloaded both as an installer and as a zip archive.
It is recommended that you download the installer.

Download the installer (~3mb) (All requirements are automatically installed.)

Download zip file (~3,6mb) (.Net Framework 3.5 is required to run, but you probably have it installed already)

Current version:
    v.1.9.187, Build 211011A
    For update history, click here.

Do you want to link to the download from your page? Then please use the same link as this, and do not upload the file to any file hosting services as rapidshare/filehost/etc. With this link, you will always get the newest version. With a rapidshare link, you'd get 1.3.0 even in 2050!

About the application

Screenshot from the application - main window
Screenshot from the application - screenshots window
Screenshot from the application - a graph Screenshot from the application - achievements window

The Unofficial Team Fortress 2 Stats Parser is the ideal tool for you if you play Team Fortress 2 and would like a nice way to manage your screenshots, achievements and statistics.

The application reads several local statistics files Team Fortress 2 creates (which contains a lot more statistics than shown in-game), and presents the data for you through a lucid and good-looking user interface.

By creating an account in our forums, you can easily create your own online profile, which you can compare with your friends' profiles. You can also create a dynamic signature image with lots of options.

Your achievements are read into the achievements window where you can monitor your progress, and view them in several categories based on achievement types ("General", "Medic", "Pyro", etc) and your status ("Attained", "In progress" or "Unattained").

In addition, the application gives you a functional screenshots manager, where you can view all screenshots taken in-game, delete the bad ones, and collect the best ones. You can also tag each image with one or more tags, and easily find them later.

The application was originally developed in English, but volunteers have translated it into Norwegian, Russian, Danish, French, German, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Finnish, and Spanish.

Do you want to translate to your own language? Download the application, and read this tiny guide!

Is something unclear? Visit the FAQ or the forum.

If you have spotted any bugs, anything that can be improved, something you are missing or just want to tell us something, go to the forum.